Hurricane Harvey and Flooding Resources and Help

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Hurricane Harvey Resources and Assistance Hurricane Harvey and flooding have devastated thousands of Texas families. The need for help has never been greater for Houston and surrounding areas. As a service to this great community, and to assist those needing assistance and resources, Drew | McCallum offers free 30-minute [...]

Arbitration in Divorce and Business Disputes

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Arbitration in Divorce and Business Disputes. Arbitration, like collaborative or litigation, is a procedural mechanism for resolving divorces, business litigation, and disputes.  It is in essence a process by which the parties agree upon an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators to hear and decide their divorce or dispute.  It [...]

Construction Contract Pointers

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Construction Contract Pointers We're often asked to review construction contracts and change orders and revise them so they are more useful to both contractors and property owners.  Many construction contractors use construction contract forms from the internet, or no construction contract at all.  A construction contract is not supposed [...]

Why I Should Be Your Lawyer

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Why I Should Be Your Lawyer I love my job.  I love asking questions, and I love solving problems.  I went to school for basically a third of my life to become a lawyer.  Once I became a lawyer, it became very clear to me why they call it [...]

How Many Applications for Receivership Can a Creditor Make?

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How Many Applications for Receivership Can a Creditor Make?  Applications to appoint a receiver are one method collections lawyers have to secure payment of judgments and other relief.  So, what happens if an application is successfully defended and the application is denied? The law in Texas does not appear [...]

The Importance of the Business Decision Mindset in Litigation

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The Importance of the Business Decision Mindset in Litigation Litigation, in its purest most big-picture form, is nothing more than a dispute.  Parties have a disagreement they can't resolve themselves.  So, one party seeks out someone, whether that is a court or an arbitrator or some other decision-making body, to decide it.  [...]

What Makes A Good Lawyer

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What Makes A Good Lawyer I hear folks frequently talking about "getting a good divorce or trial attorney."  I also get calls asking if I or my partner are "good" attorneys.  That's an interesting question, as it's a question that is posed to many professions.  Everyone is looking for [...]

Website Shows Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions

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The Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions Here is an excerpt from an interesting article on the Blog of Legal Times: The American Bar Association and a Justice Department unit have launched a new website that allows users to search federal and state laws that hinder people with criminal records from being able [...]

Construction Lien Basics and Collection Tools

2019-03-13T15:30:40-05:00By |

Construction Lien Basics and Collection Tools The construction industry has been hit very hard by the economy.  Construction has slowed as consumers and businesses find ways to save money and delay construction that is not absolutely essential.  This environment has also created an aggressive market for collections in the [...]

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