Client & Counsel Portal

We recognize the importance of using technology to enhance communication and work flow and to give clients and outside counsel the opportunity to work with us more efficiently.

Our client portal provides a secure private web site for project collaboration, litigation document access, and client use. This area provides a secure location where documents can be stored, shared and commented on while working on a project or litigation with the firm. The result is greater savings to clients and enhanced “on-demand” service.

Privacy in legal matters is always of the the utmost importance. Your username, password, and the documents in your portal are encrypted when they travel across the Internet and while they are hosted in your private website.

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If you would like to use the client/counsel portal for your legal matters with Drew & McCallum and you have not yet created your account, please contact our office for details and to complete the setup process.

By utilizing this document portal, you consent to your files being stored electronically and accessed through the Internet, and you agree to the Terms of Use.

Portal tips, tricks, and other helpful information are available in the Portal Quick Reference Guide.  Download it here or access it anytime from your portal.

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