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Mediation Availability

Thank you for your interest in mediating with Drew & McCallum.

The calendar below is a visual representation of Patric McCallum’s real-time availability for mediation. In order to be as flexible as possible for our clients and to maximize the number of dates available for mediation, this is a special mediation-only calendar that is not reading his private professional calendar.

Accordingly, the availability shown here will update both as mediation dates are booked and as other professional responsibilities evolve. This means that available/unavailable/booked designations are rapidly changing, and you should check the calendar often for updates.

We encourage you to share this page with opposing counsel in order to expedite mediation scheduling. Our mediation rates and answers to other commonly asked questions are available below the calendar.

To reserve a full day mediation, choose a date with morning & afternoon availability and on your reservation form select the ‘full day’ option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I reserve a date for mediation?2022-10-22T23:18:06-05:00

Mediation dates can be booked by clicking on the button above and submitting a short online form.

We also accept email requests sent to patric [at]

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the online scheduling process, please share those with Patric – we’re working to make the mediation booking experience easier for everyone!

What are your current mediation rates?2022-11-02T10:44:29-05:00

Our mediation rates are:

Half Day Mediation:*
$500 per side (1-2 cases)
$600 per side (3-4 cases)

Half day mediations include up to 4 hours (inclusive of breaks), generally scheduled as 9a-1p or 1p-5p.

Full Day Mediation:*
$900 per side (up to 3 cases)
$1100 per side (4-6 cases)
$1300 per side (7-10 cases)
More than 10 cases – contact us for a custom quote.

Full day mediations include up to 8 hours (inclusive of breaks), generally scheduled as 9a-5p.

*Certificates of Mediation & related filing fees are included in our posted mediation rates.

Important Note: Courts require that mediation be held in a good faith attempt to settle the dispute. In that vein, we do not conduct “check the box” mediations, and we reserve the right to limit the number of cases scheduled in any mediation session.

Are you willing to mediate more than one case per session?2022-10-20T16:18:37-05:00

Yes, we are willing to mediate more than one case during a session if this has been arranged in advance and pre-paid. (All mediation fees are required to be paid before mediation begins.)

Property tax disputes, especially those cases with common ownership, are particularly well-suited to be combined into a single mediation session.

During half-day sessions we are able to accommodate mediation for up to 4 cases. If you wish to mediate more than 4 cases in one day, please reserve a full-day mediation.

Our published meditation pricing scales based upon the total number of cases you wish to schedule, up to a total of 10 cases.

While rare, Patric has previously, and successfully, mediated up to 30 tax cases in a single full-day session. If you are interested in scheduling more than 10 cases in a single day, please contact our office to discuss your circumstances and obtain a custom fee quote.

Important Note: Courts require that mediation be held in a good faith attempt to settle the dispute. In that vein, we do not conduct “check the box” mediations, and we reserve the right to limit the number of cases scheduled in any mediation session.

How do I pay for mediation?2022-10-20T15:31:32-05:00

Payment for mediation must be received in our office prior to the start of mediation.

We prefer electronic payment, which can be submitted at

Paper checks should be mailed to our firm’s accounting address:

Drew & McCallum PLLC
13100 Wortham Center Dr Ste 300
Houston, TX 77065

UPDATE: Our accounting office address recently changed. Please update our address in your system if you have previously sent checks. Also note, we’re finding that mail delivery is extremely slow; please mail all checks at least 2 weeks prior to your mediation date to ensure receipt of payment prior to mediation.

Where are mediations conducted?2022-10-19T23:21:17-05:00

Currently, all mediations are conducted via Zoom. We hope to resume our in-person mediation options soon.

Will you mediate virtually (eg. Zoom)?2022-10-20T14:17:18-05:00

Yes! We are currently offering mediations exclusively via Zoom. In fact, Patric is very good at Zoom mediation. If you haven’t tried a Zoom mediation with our firm, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They are both extremely effective and super convenient – you and your clients can attend from anywhere you have internet access.

How often is this calendar updated?2022-11-15T17:23:50-06:00

This calendar is updated in real time as date reservation requests are confirmed internally.

You can refresh the calendar view (circular button in the upper left corner of the calendar) or refresh the entire webpage to check for any recent availability changes.

Mediation availability for January and February 2023 has recently been added to the calendar.

If you are looking to schedule into March or later and we have not yet opened dates on this calendar, please contact Patric directly and he will assist you (patric [at]

I have another question not answered here.2022-10-20T15:57:39-05:00

We are happy to answer any questions you have about mediation with our firm. You may email Patric directly at patric [at] or call our office at 281.252.9300

We also welcome any suggestions you have about improving this page or the mediation scheduling process.