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Drew | McCallum serves and protects businesses and families.  Our attorneys work hand-in-hand with you to provide the legal counsel and knowledge you need to make decisions, resolve issues, and get back to the business of life.

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Drew | McCallum has offices conveniently
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It was important for me to seek out a firm that would embrace a cooperative process and help mitigate the possibility of things going the wrong direction. It was also important for me to retain a firm who had my best interest at heart and could empathize with what I was going through while helping me keep costs down to the fullest extent possible. After having worked with Patric McCallum of Drew & McCallum, I felt like these goals were acheived.
There are no words to express the thanks and gratitude for all that [Patric and Charlotte] have done. You have changed our lives and given us so much peace.
M. N., Family Law Client
Patric and his team handled every challenge (and there were many) with a very difficult opposing counsel with success. He has a thoughtful, logical and methodical approach with a strong focus on the law versus emotion. I was consistently informed of the actions and strategy underway in my case, and always felt confident in he and his teams ability to reach a fair outcome, even when the other side made doing so difficult at every turn.

I work with several attorneys around the North Houston and Houston area. I highly recommend Patric. He’s attentive to his clients needs, he’s smart, and he is very responsive. What I find so helpful is the strategy he brings to a divorce case. He always seems to be 2 steps ahead of the other side. Great attorney and highly recommended for divorce or estate needs!

Thank you so much for helping me put closure with [my business dispute]. I will never forget what you have done for me. I am eternally grateful!
A. B., Business Client
Patric did a tremendous job for me during a difficult divorce. He is responsive and trust worthy as well as very knowledgeable of the process. He was proactive in keeping me informed and taking the time to talk me through any number of difficult issues.
I want you to know that what you have done for me has been a life saver. You gave me my confidence back and the hope I needed that I am going to be ok.
L. S., Family Law Client

Patric is one of the few lawyers to whom I routinely refer clients with family law matters. I have always received positive feedback from them for the work he has done. I would trust him to handle any family law case, no matter the difficulty or complexity.

Kyle Sampson, Attorney
[Patric] was always a calming force during the stressful divorce process. He would always call me back very quickly when I had questions or concerns. He continues to be helpful when issues arise on custody or child support problems for many years after the divorce. Would highly recommend him.

I contacted Patric because my corporate documents were a mess. I couldn’t find several important papers I needed to submit to the City. He took the ball and ran with it. In less than 2 days, everything was prepared and sent to the necessary parties. He always looks at what’s best (legally) for you. He’s got you covered.

Patric provided excellent advise and support on what should have been a simple process but was turned into something more by my ex. Patric was always ready with options and at times was a calming influence when the situation called for it. I would highly recommend using him.

We have worked together on some personal injury matters, and I was extremely impressed with his knowledge and expertise. Also, there have been other matters I have sought his advice, including employment law, family and property law.

Mark Haas, Attorney

Drew | McCallum has offices conveniently
located in The Woodlands

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