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Drew | McCallum is a Texas law firm whose mission is to serve and protect your business and your family.  Our attorneys work hand-in-hand with you to provide the counsel and knowledge you need to make decisions, resolve issues, and get back to business.

Drew | McCallum – Protecting Your Business

Are you overwhelmed by legal questions about your business and unsure where to turn?  Do you need a fresh perspective on your business strategies and HR matters? You’re in the right place.  We provide business services and counsel to owners, executives, and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries.  Whether you are considering forming an entity, in a new business startup, or running a family business or established company, we are here to serve and assist you.  We routinely help businesses with contracts and documents, general counsel services, employee/HR issues, and a variety of other business issues.   Visit our business law practice pages for more detailed information about the services we can offer you and your business.

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Drew | McCallum – Protecting Your Family

Having spent years trying and arbitrating family cases in courts all over Texas, we have seen first-hand the frustration and harm inflicted upon families by the litigation process.  Results from courts are unpredictable and come at extremely high costs. Fortunately, there are alternatives, and divorce can be done different.  To better serve Texas adults, children, and families, we are committed to resolving contested divorce and family law matters through the collaborative process and mediation.  We also offer services in uncontested divorce and family matters.  Divorce does not have to be devastating, and we can help you.  Visit our family law practice pages for more detailed information about divorce, estate planning, and the firm’s other family law services.

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  • Are Your Business Recordings Legal?

The Legalities and Illegalities of Recording Business Calls

The Ins and Outs of Recording Business Calls. It can be tricky legal business to legally record business telephone calls, especially if your business operates in more than one state. Houston Methodist Hospital was sued this month by a doctor who alleges that the hospital system illegally recorded patients' phone [...]

Employer Searches of Workplace Areas

Employer Searches of Workplace Areas. Employers' searches of employee work areas are on the rise.  With concerns of theft of company property and information, securing an employee's computer, work station, and work area are important.  So, when is it permissible to search an employee's work area, how is it [...]

Preventing Employee Theft of Company Property and Information

Preventing Employee Theft of Company Property and Information. Theft of company property and information by employees is a growing concern among businesses.  While working for your company, employees have daily access to information about the way your business operates, software it uses, customer information, vendor information, financial and banking [...]

Keep Non-Compete Agreements and Other Contracts Out of Your Business Manuals

Non-Compete Agreements and Other Contracts In Business Manuals.  As a general rule and best practice, you should keep non-compete agreements and other contracts out of your employee and policies/procedures manuals. If you have downloaded forms from the internet, many of these forms come from states where this practice is [...]

How is a corporate or LLC ownership interest treated in a divorce

How business ownership interest is treated in divorce. I often represent business owners and entrepreneurs in divorce, and I am frequently asked about how business ownership interests are treated in a divorce.  There is often confusion or misunderstanding about this issue.  First, it depends upon what type of business is [...]

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