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When your businesses has specific, immediate legal needs and goals, project representation options work really well your business budget.  Project representation has a quick start up and can be configured in a flat fee or retainer structure to meet your needs.

Flat fee project representation is the perfect solution for small projects and immediate needs with well-defined scopes.  Retainers are a traditional legal billing solution that works well for clients when the project scope is not well defined initially or when the project has moving targets. Under either option, efficiency is the name of the game.

Whether your business needs are big or small, intermittent or ongoing, these flexible fee options fit your budget, solve your problems, and let you get back to the business of your business.

Business Attorneys and Advisors

Drew | McCallum is not a typical business law firm.  We are a one-stop resource center for startups, franchisees, and small businesses.  As trusted team members and problem solvers, we provide practical as well as legal solutions to business challenges.  Our priority is to provide solutions to your business problems.  Whether your business needs are large or small, simple or complex, we have the experience to handle it.

We draw on industry expertise, 40 years of collective legal experience, and myriad of other sources to help you solve your business problems. Stop Googling your business problems and start solving them!

Affordable, Flexible Fee Options

We meet our business clients’ needs and budgets with flexible fee options.  Whether your needs are big or small, ongoing or intermittent, we have an option that is right for you.  Saving you money while delivering superior work is what we are all about.

We offer flat fee options for specific projects, as well as affordable monthly General Counsel Plans.  Flexibility in pricing helps us meet your needs and budget, deliver quality service, and complete projects.  No surprise bills or costs!  Keeping the work moving without breaking the bank is what business is all about, and we take that principal to heart in everything we do.

Team Members, Not Just Advisors

Your attorney is a trusted team member, not an aloof advisor.  Working with our attorneys is like walking down the hall with your coffee to discuss business questions and issues with any member of your team.  Your attorney works with you to discuss your needs, consider strategies, develop work lists, prioritize the work, and execute.

At our firm, you do not get handed off to paralegals, associates, or other staff.  You work directly and only with your attorney.  Knowing you and your business and growing that relationship is what makes our service second to none.

Project Representation

Pricing Options

Flat Fee

Under a flat fee option, a specific project (or work scope) is completed for a pre-paid set fee.  In collaboration with you, we specifically identify the work that will be performed and provide a flat fee quote to perform that work. This option is useful for small, specific needs when no other work is contemplated. Examples of project representation include having a short contract reviewed or a small drafting project. When you know exactly what you need and just need it done, this option is a great fit!

Hourly/Retainer Fees

When your business needs are ongoing or the project is larger, a traditional retainer with hourly billing is a tried and true option. The firm is paid an upfront retainer which it bills against each month. A detailed statement is provided showing the work performed and the amount billed against the retainer. The retainer is replenished, and any balance for work over-and-above the retainer is paid. Once work is completed, a final statement is issued and the remaining retainer balance is refunded. Simple and traditional, this option has a lot of appeal for some clients.

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