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The attorneys at Drew | McCallum can assist you with your family law needs
including pre-marriage planning, divorce options, estate planning, and probate avoidance.

Uncontested Divorce

Sometimes, there are no few or no disputes between divorcing adults.  You’ve sat down together, agreed to divorce, and generally worked out how you want to do it.  You just need an attorney to answer a few questions, draw up the paperwork, and help you complete the process.  Often called a “kitchen table” divorce, this is the simplest and least expensive way to divorce.  It keeps the focus on your lives now and after divorce, and it maximizes the assets and funds available to you both after divorce.  We provide affordable help with this type of divorce.  If a low-drama experience is what you’re looking for, we’re a great fit for you!

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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to a traditional litigated divorce.  In a collaborative divorce, there are disputes between the spouses and each person has an attorney to advise them.  However, instead of court filings and hearings, the parties choose to resolve their difference through structured discussions and negotiations.

Key aspects of collaborative divorce include:

  • The parties maintain a high degree of direct involvement;
  • Creative solutions are both possible and encouraged;
  • The process is confidential and private;
  • No court involvement expect final approval of the divorce.

The collaborative divorce process requires a team effort between the parties, the attorneys, and any outside experts required in order to receive the benefits of the process.

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Contested Divorce

We are experienced, effective divorce trial attorneys.  When the stakes are high, experience counts!  In divorce, the stakes are never higher than life-altering decisions about you and your children left in the hands of a court to decide.

This is unfamiliar territory for you, but not to us.  We will walk you through the process, develop strategies and options based on your circumstances, and execute with precision.

We also handle divorce arbitrations.  Arbitration is similar to litigation and trial.  The case is decided by an arbitrator rather than a judge or jury.  The proceedings are not public, making this a very attractive option for parties desiring privacy.

We assist with agreed or uncontested divorces. We are happy to answer your questions and discuss what needs to be done for your process to be completed.

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Estate Planning and Probate Avoidance

Have questions about wills, powers of attorney, living wills, or physician’s directives? Do you want your family business to go to your children for them to run and maintain? Handling these matters properly ensures that your wishes are known and followed.  It also helps to avoid probate and costly litigation later.  There are also Texas-specific strategies available to help your (or your family member’s) estate avoid probate.  We are happy to answer questions and work with you on your estate planning and business succession projects.

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