About Charlotte Drew

Charlotte Drew is a principal attorney with Drew & McCallum. Combining 25 years of business and legal experience across multiple practice areas, Charlotte’s legal practice currently centers on advising businesses as outside general counsel on business transactions, business franchising, and human resources. As a fun spin to her legal work, Charlotte combines her love of horses with her business through the area of equine law.

3 Best Practices When Recording Business Calls

2022-04-01T14:17:11-05:00By |

3 Best Practices when Recording Business Calls It can be tricky legal business to legally record business telephone calls, especially if your business operates in more than one state. Houston Methodist Hospital was sued by a doctor who alleges that the hospital system illegally recorded patients' phone calls [...]

Arbitration in Divorce and Business Disputes

2019-04-22T14:30:08-05:00By |

Arbitration in Divorce and Business Disputes. Arbitration, like collaborative or litigation, is a procedural mechanism for resolving divorces, business litigation, and disputes.  It is in essence a process by which the parties agree upon an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators to hear and decide their divorce or dispute.  It [...]

Uncontested Divorce or Agreed Divorce – An Overview

2020-09-16T16:44:32-05:00By |

Uncontested/Agreed Divorce Process. What is an uncontested divorce?  How do we go through the agreed divorce process?  It's a way to divorce when the spouses are in agreement to divorce and generally amicable.  The parties want to work together to get through the divorce process. Do We Have to [...]