Arbitration in Divorce and Business Disputes

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Arbitration in Divorce and Business Disputes. Arbitration, like collaborative or litigation, is a procedural mechanism for resolving divorces, business litigation, and disputes.  It is in essence a process by which the parties agree upon an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators to hear and decide their divorce or dispute.  It [...]

How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

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How Much Will My Divorce Cost? One of the first questions asked about divorce is, "How much will my divorce cost?"  The cost is driven by the amount of work in your circumstance.  A simple agreed divorce (or uncontested divorce) is the least expensive. The cost increases if there [...]

Uncontested Divorce or Agreed Divorce – An Overview

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Uncontested/Agreed Divorce Process. What is an uncontested divorce?  How do we go through the agreed divorce process?  It's a way to divorce when the spouses are in agreement to divorce and generally amicable.  The parties want to work together to get through the divorce process. Do We Have to [...]

How Early Mediation Can Impact Divorce Cases

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How Early Mediation Can Impact Divorce Cases I am often approached to represent clients after a mediation has occurred.  Most that approach their divorce this way do so in an attempt to work out most or all issues with their spouse without having to pay an attorney.  From a [...]

Business Mediation

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Business Mediation Why should businesses look at mediation to resolve disputes?  When a dispute arises, business leaders first turn to counsel to evaluate the risk, time, and resources a dispute may require to resolve.  Litigation or arbitration may cost legal fees, expert fees, require hundreds or thousands of hours [...]

Mediation as a Dispute Resolution Tool

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Mediation as a Dispute Resolution Tool Many clients, especially business clients, come to me when faced with a crisis. A contract breach has cost time, money, and work and the situation will only worsen if the breach is not resolved. One effective method of resolving such a dispute early [...]

Arbitration versus Litigation in Construction Disputes

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Arbitration vs Litigation in Construction Disputes Whether you are an owner, general contractor, subcontractor, or supplier, chances are at some point you have been a party to a contract with an arbitration clause. These clauses are anything but boiler-plate and standard, and should be carefully reviewed. Also, many in [...]