Hurricane Harvey and Flooding Resources and Help

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Hurricane Harvey Resources and Assistance Hurricane Harvey and flooding have devastated thousands of Texas families. The need for help has never been greater for Houston and surrounding areas. As a service to this great community, and to assist those needing assistance and resources, Drew | McCallum offers free 30-minute [...]

Federal Estate and Gift Tax Limits for 2016

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Federal Estate and Gift Tax Limits for 2016 Are you looking to establish or update your estate planning for 2016?  The federal estate tax limits for the new year are slightly increased from the prior year. For 2016, an individual can leave up to $5.45 million to his/her family [...]

What Makes A Good Lawyer

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What Makes A Good Lawyer I hear folks frequently talking about "getting a good divorce or trial attorney."  I also get calls asking if I or my partner are "good" attorneys.  That's an interesting question, as it's a question that is posed to many professions.  Everyone is looking for [...]