The Changing Role of Fathers and Mothers in Divorce.

More and more, fathers have taking a more active role in parenting their children.  They are seeking broader conservatorship rights and duties.  With this, visitation pursuant to a Standard Possession Order has become more inadequate, and more fathers are seeking to be the primary custodian of their children.  Similarly, mothers are spending more time outside the home.  Women are more frequently pursuing career and income opportunities, and fewer moms are staying home with kids on a full time basis.

There are a myriad of reasons for these departures from past norms.  For the family going through divorce today, it is important to recognize not only the roles the parents play in their family now, but the roles they see themselves playing in the coming months and years.

It is important that the parents not only understand who they are when working to divorce, but who they want to be.  Many parents find themselves a year after the divorce with a new life, new goals, and new perspective.  As parents, it is important to not put on blinders during divorce and focus only on the here and now.  Divorce decrees are living, breathing documents.  They will be with the family for years, and it is important to consider future possibilities when drafting and negotiating today.

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