Know Your Summer Possession Schedule

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Summer is coming.  School will be ending, and there is a lot of activity getting ready for summer.  For divorced parents, this time of year also involves coordinating schedules for vacations and possession.

The summer possession schedule set out in a standard possession order can be difficult to understand.  It begins in April, when there are deadlines to designate specific possession times during summer months.  If no designations are timely made, and no agreements are otherwise made between the parties, then the default is that the non-custodial parent has the kids for the entire month of July.

Without planning and understanding of the possession order, there can be a lot of disputes and arguments.  If you have not already, spend some time reviewing your possession order, know what your schedule is, and cement any agreements in writing so there is no confusion.

With a little planning, summer can be a joyous and memorable time for your kids.

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