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Construction Contracts & Disputes

Our construction attorneys are leaders in construction matters.  We work with property owners, general contractors, and subcontractors, in developing, negotiating and finalizing construction contracts, master subcontract agreements, warranty documents, and disclosure forms.  We also work with vendors and suppliers, including those providing general and specially fabricated materials. We bring our industry knowledge, our partnership with industry professionals and experts, and our business perspective to work for you.

We assist construction professionals with the pursuit or defense of various construction claims in federal court, state court, or arbitration, including:

  • work scope disputes
  • defective work disputes
  • enforcement of mechanics’ and materialmen’s lien rights, in addition to the defense of property owners and general contractors
  • collections and payment issues
  • breach of fiduciary duty and Trust Fund disputes
  • delay claims and damages
  • bond and surety claims and issues
  • warranty claims

We work with industry experts to prosecute or defend construction claims, such as HVAC design and performance, EIFS, roofing, plumbing, grading/foundation, tilt-wall construction, large vertical commercial construction, landscaping, water intrusion, and other claims.

Our services benefit you from the bidding process through project completion and collections.  We deliver sound advice and cost-effective solutions to keep your focus on your business.